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Stories Behind Beats: Nutso „This Is My Hood Remix“

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Here we go: another beat, another story. This time I´d like to give a little insight into the making of my Remix of Nutso´s „This Is My Hood“ featuring Queens finest Mic Geronimo and Royal Flush. And for the attentive readers out there who´ve read the first episode of Stories behind Beats: yeah, that´s the song Trem gave me props for when we first talked!

First things first. It was in 2008 when I met Carlos aka CeeDaCuban, Nutso´s manager and founder of PoorPocket Muzik, through an online forum for vinyl enthusiasts. At some point I was like „did I tell you that I make beats?“ and he was like „word? did I show you some joints by my artist Nutso?“ which he did then. Carlos sent me a nice parcel with CDs and records so I could get an idea of who this Nutso dude was. One of the 12″ was a joint called Ghetto Jam which blew me away – I loved everything about it: the piano loop with that lovely vocal sample (could´ve been some Jedi Mind Tricks shit if Stoupe got his hands on it, couldn´t it?!), the powerful hook and, last but not least, Nutso´s voice and flow.