Stories Behind Beats: Nutso „This Is My Hood Remix“

Here we go: another beat, another story. This time I´d like to give a little insight into the making of my Remix of Nutso´s „This Is My Hood“ featuring Queens finest Mic Geronimo and Royal Flush. And for the attentive readers out there who´ve read the first episode of Stories behind Beats: yeah, that´s the […]

Stories Behind Beats: Trem „Hard Yards“

Since this blog series will be about my music rather than my personal life, postings in this category will be written in English. This way I can make sure everybody will be able to read and hopefully enjoy them. For the first edition I chose to write about Trem´s „Hard Yards“ off his „For The […]

Rasco „Offspring“ (prod. by AMAZING MAZE)

Ich hatte die große Ehre, einen Song für das neue Rasco Album „United Fakes Of America“ zu produzieren. Das gute Ding heißt „Offspring“ und ist Rascos Kindern gewidmet. Hier könnt Ihr „United Fakes Of America“ anhören und kaufen!